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Water slide rentals are so much fun because you go very fast and cool off really quick. Kids will be lining up at the corner for an opportunity to slide down these enormous, fun, bright slides. A water slide can be hired with water and electricity hook-up. We'll take the hose and cord provided you are within a 50-foot range.


There are a variety of colors and choices of large and small water slides. Be sure to select one that's suitable to the age of your kids and the number of guests. The majority of slides can accommodate between 10-20 guests If they are willing to wait for a bit. Children of smaller ages may be scared of slides that are very tall however, all of slides at our park are safe for everyone as they have edges and some have a net on top to deter curious children from climbing over the top.

We will secure our slides with either sandbags or stakes so they are safe and secure in light wind conditions.

We are certain that regardless of which water slide you choose to rent, you will be happy and want to rent again!